Mascot Miracle Foundation is ready to ROCK Utah. We are here, we are real, and we are ready to make smiles, memories, and laughter for the world to see.

The Mascot Miracles Foundation was founded this year, 2014, by a big-hearted mascot named Felix the Falcon. Felix has been a part of the mascot world for 20 years. A few years ago, he met a little girl who had cancer and changed his world. He saw the smile and happiness his simple presence brought to her. From there, he started going to events for other children whose families were in medical crisis. He dreamed this vision of a Foundation that would provide activities and special events for kids facing unthinkable illnesses, from cancer, to special needs, to rare disease. Felix gathered some friends, and now there’s a whole Zoo of Mascots with the same vision.

Our First “Official” Event was a Photo Shoot at Camera shy. We invited a few of our Heroes the first day. We rocked the place. The employee’s of Camera Shy didn’t know what hit them. They were amazed. They fell in Love. They were excited, and wanted to know how to be involved. The second day we invited some more Heroes and also some Angel Families to come and make sure their child is never forgotten. Here are the results.