If you have ever been on the Heber Creeper you know the fun you will have! Well you put a few mascots on there and it is fun times 10! It was such a blast!

This was all in support of the Heber Creeper here in Utah. The Heber Creeper is a sponsor of the Mascot Miracles Foundation and they are amazing. Donating a Train each year that allows us to take sick children and their families aboard; for a 90 minute train ride. The magic the mascots create is amazing! It is like Disneyland but with out the drive.


Max is our sweet dog! he is very sweet to the kids and loves them! The kids go crazy over him! This is Sara Hancock, and Max!


Rare occasion to have not two, not three, but 4 mascots together! 🙂 Leo is a stud mascot who can back flip just about anywhere! Felix our favorite bird with a heart of gold! Kodiak who loves the play with the kids and enjoys the crazy fun the kids bring to the table, and last Max K-9 who enjoys the kids and making them laugh.


WHO can not love GRIZZBEE? We all love him, unless he is HUNGRY then he tends to eat you for a snack!

Thank you to all that came out to support the Heber Creeper!

WE can’t wait for December to get here to take the kids on an amazing North Pole Express Ride!