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Mascot Miracles Foundation is a nonprofit organization that brings smiles and joy to kids fighting serious challenges, and to their families. We create opportunities with professional, collegiate and corporate mascots to allow these kids to smile and be themselves.

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In order to provide smiles, laughter, and fun for these kids & their families, we need your help!

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If you would like to donate funds, help with events by volunteering your time; or have goods or services you would like to donate, please contact us at or 801-493-9394.

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Be a part of a new miracle in the lives of these amazing children.

In order to provide smiles, laughter, and fun for these kids, we need your help! We need sponsors. If you would like to donate funds, help with an event by volunteering your time; or have goods or services you would like to donate, please contact us at or 801-493-9394.


Stories from our Angels and Heroes

News, updates, and stories from our team and the families we’re a part of.

Meet Angel Kyley

In December 2016, We learned that my daughter, Kyley's cancer was terminal, the doctors gave her life expectancy 6 to 8 months to live. So made a "wish list" of everything she wanted to do, where she wanted to go, see and what she wanted to experience. We set out to...

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Meet Heroes Jaylynn & Craig

My little miracles, Craig and Jaylynn were born at only 30 weeks. Jaylynn spent 3 months in the NICU where we learned she has cerebral palsy because of a brain injury caused by birth. Craig spent 218 days living in 3 different NICU's. He has severe cardiac and...

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Meet Hero Jayson

Jayson has an ultra-rare genetic syndrome that causes many complex medical conditions as well as cognitive and developmental delays. He is non-verbal and struggles with eye contact and interacting with others.  We joined the Mascot Miracles Foundation to give Jayson...

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Meet Hero Charly

Trying to explain how much the Mascot Miracles Foundation has changed our lives is like trying to explain to someone your favorite song...without hearing the tempo. But here goes: I first became of Mascots after I had a series of hand and arm surgeries. My hand...

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Mascot Fun on the Polar Express

If you have ever been on the Heber Creeper you know the fun you will have! Well you put a few mascots on there and it is fun times 10! It was such a blast! This was all in support of the Heber Creeper here in Utah. The Heber Creeper is a sponsor of the Mascot Miracles...

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Meet Hero Rae

Written by Acelynn Rae's mom When Raenalynn was born I knew right away that she was special. It wouldn't be until years later when I would find out exactly how special she was. She was perfect from her blonde hair to her pink toes. After birth, she had an issue with...

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Meet Angel Mariah

Written by Terra, After years for trying for a baby the Teller family was finally about to welcome their newest member of their family, the much anticipated Mariah Teller. She came into this world and moved everyone around her. Even from the very beginning it was...

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Meet Hero Max Brimhall

3 year old Max was diagnosed with stage II Wilm's Tumor, kidney cancer, when he was 2 years old. Max had surgery to remove the grapefruit sized tumor as well as his right kidney. He then had 20 rounds of chemo before he was finally considered to be in remission. He...

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Still Bringing Smiles, One Child at the Time…

Mascot Miracles Foundation continues to bring smiles, memories, and laughter to kids with special challenges.
We were founded by a big-hearted mascot named Felix the Falcon. We served 20 children with special needs that year. Today we have the honor of bringing smiles and moments of joy to nearly 1,000 kids and their families.

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